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Artist | Traditional Art

Sorry, can't type anything, too busy eating bananas

Check out my brother's gallery too !!! -

Stay Awesome


Tiger WIP-2 by AnkitDArt
Tiger WIP-2

I know I know ... I'm really slow in drawing
I don't want to blame infection .... whatever it is ... it's my fault

Check out my brother's gallery too !!! -

Stay Awesome
Pikachu and Eevee !!! (3D Drawing) by AnkitDArt
Pikachu and Eevee !!! (3D Drawing)

as you may know I was depressed from few days ... and a really close friend sent me this pic on facebook ... 
Had to draw it :dummy:

Check out my brother's gallery too !!! -

Stay Awesome !!!

I'm really sad to say ... that After I said I was Hindu (in my last journal)
I've received "a few" private messages with the language not many "civilized people" use

I know they are fake profiles (most of them are only a day old)
I didn't replied and just "blocked" them

I just want to clear some things ... 
Just because I'm Hindu ... doesn't mean that I'm against any other religion/belief or against atheism either

and just to clear something (these were the points that people bashed me in messages)

1. Hinduism may be the only religion which supports Atheism (I said "may be" because I haven't studied many religions, please let me know otherwise)
It is said in Hinduism that "The person who denies the Existence of God is actually closer to God, because he doesn't blindly follow what people tell him, he believes what he sees and hears ... and learns from his experiences. He finds his own path to become a better human being."

2. Hinduism supports Homosexuality
"What many believes to be Unnatural is in fact, Natural". We, in Hinduism believe that there is no bound to love, and as long as you are not hurting anyone, you are free to do whatever you do. Do I need to say more?

3. Hinduism is not "Superior"
"God is one, and all other religions are different paths to achieve that one truth" 

4. I'm not some "morbid minded, blind believes of imaginary things"
I know what's right. I know what not good. I know what I should do. I know what I can.

5. "You got stupid rituals. You consider Cow your mother, haha."
Rituals are what is written in our holy books. They are scientific. but they are not to take literally. (I know many other religions will agree with me on this one). and about Cow, Yes, we consider is our mother ... because she helps us so much in almost every aspect of our life. She is useful in most of the things (if you let her live, of course). that's why, she EARNED the rank. People love their pets as a member of their family, no one panics ... because it's all part of the plan ... then Hinduism also consider cow another member of the family and everybody loses their mind *insert Joker from The Dark Knight*

6. "You treat women as your slaves."
Sorry to disappoint you, Miss "false feminist". we do not treat them like slaves. Woman has a higher place in the society because we believe that she deserve a higher place. She is the only one who can generate a new life .... she is the only one who can bring someone in this world. She is filled with love and care ... like no one else. But as always ... Pride and Lust has corrupted the Humans and now the women are in a poor state, I agree ... but I don't think it's Hinduisms fault .... 

7. "Rapist."
I just want to ask ... are you stupid by birth? or you did a special course in university for that ?


I don't want to offend anyone ... I don't want to dominate anyone ... (Also I don't expect you to understand it :P )
Hinduism has given me the right to believe in what I want (this is why we have so many Gods ... because we consider that everything we learn from is somewhat Godlike). We are free to deny what we do not agree with (and we have changed many things in our religion according to time)

I am Hindu. not because my parents are Hindu ... it's because when I came to my senses and studied my religion, I understood that what this religion teaches me is not so different that "Moral Education". Buddhists will also agree (I've studied Buddhism too and it's almost the same). It's not a "Religion" ... it's a Tutorial on "how to live your life without hurting anyone".

And I personally want to answer one message I received ... it was about sex
the person said that "your religion is misleading"
Listen man/lady/other/alien, in Hinduism, it is not allowed to have sex with other many people. it is not allowed to have sex before marriage. why ?
Because, you fell in love with someone ... you marry him ... you have sex ... you raise a family ... life goes on (no trouble whatsoever)
but if you fell in love with someone and having sex with someone else ... well dude/dudette, it's not love ... it's Lust.
Hinduism believes that you love one person and unleash all your lust with the same person.
I don't know why anyone would have any trouble with this.
Just listen, Hinduism is not about "consuming what you can ... fuck everybody else ... I'm the greatest". Hinduism is not about living for yourself and yourself only. "Sacrifice" is not just a word. Hinduism is about ... if you are flying high ... just hook up with someone ... so that you can both fly ... sure, you will not be flying that high ... but you'll be making someone real happy just because he is flying with you too.

We believe in giving, even when we do not have anything ... we tend to give whats left.
We have raised many civilizations in the past and we don't even take credit for it.
We consider everyone a member of our family.
We help everyone we can.

I know, that I've done the same ... and many people have taken advantage of me ... many people have made fun of me ... many people have judged me as an Idiot .... but I know I'll still be doing what I believe in
if you don't like it ... stop making a fake profile and talk to me as a person who you really are ... 

and just a friendly reminder (another thing from the holy books)
"We are not violent, but we are warriors. We have the power, but it's to construct ... not to destroy"
"Do not pester anyone ... but if someone pesters you ... solve it without violence"
"There is a limit of everything"
""Too much" of even a good thing is bad for you"
"Too much "non-violence" is also not good for you"
"know when to draw your weapons"

Don't scratch the surface :)


You are all my friends ... and those who talk to me regularly ... will know what kind of person I am ... just know that Hinduism is the same :)
My best friends are Christians and Atheists and ... if you want to ask ... ask them if they have any trouble with me being a Hindu or I've ever caused them any trouble because I'm a Hindu


Stay Awesome :)
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: You should've killed me when you had the chance
I'm ultra sad and depressed ... so ... I need to distract myself
drawing related ... non-drawing related ....anything

still drawing,
see you guys,
you are awesome
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: You should've killed me when you had the chance
Tiger WIP-1 by AnkitDArt
Tiger WIP-1

Apparently everyone around me likes tigers .... so here it is !! :dummy:
I blame Angie-StormCat for the reference and the final push for making me draw this :giggle:
I screwed in many places ... I'm a n00b in drawing animals :iconyoyocryplz: *cries in Spanish*

Check out my brother's gallery too !!! -

Stay Awesome


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