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Ankit Dubey
I create Anamorphic illusions and slowly exploring my way in Digital drawing.

Sadly, due to my health, I can't draw for longer duration, but I try my best to draw better than my previous best each time.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artworks in my Gallery

Stay Awesome




Can you guys imagine .... how scary the world is ?
For a person like me .... it's a lot more scary than it actually is

As a man, who don't want to dominate any other human or animal or alien, the whole world is standing against me

the coin has 2 sides, right ?
when there is light ... there will be darkness, right ?

it hurts me ... when NO ONE talks about this
THEY all see only one side .... and .... place their opinion
what about the other side, guys?

I'm NOT AGAINST women empowerment and women equality
(trust me ... I live in India ... I know how hard life is for a woman)

Across the globe ... women are facing many mental and physical abuse
and I agree that it shouldn't happen and those who are doing such things should be punished
but there is a dark side of this too ..... 

Today ... it seems like .... My life is HELL ... just because I'm a male
I mean .... Where did I go wrong ?
just because I'm a male, no one's gonna hear me ?????
Apparently, YES ...

so ... coming to the main topic
with all the increasing reports of Rape cases, Domestic violence and similar stuffs, I know there is a strong NEED to protects women against such horrible and morbid acts
it makes me so sad and Angry ... that humankind has became a SLAVE to greed and lust
in my opinion, the people committing these acts should be punished without remorse or mercy

but ... let's look on the "other side" for a moment
Few years ago, in Delhi(yes, I live in India), there was a brutal rape case (which, I think, became a worldwide news headline)
After that ... Government and Society became "a bit" serious about these cases
Many Laws were created and updated to prevent Rape, Attempt of rape, Teasing, bullying and domestic violence ...  
well ... that's good

but according to Newton "Each action has equal and opposite reaction"
Admit it ... it just became difficult for "good" boys
let me just tell you some facts -

:bulletred: Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) revealed shocking statistics showing that 53.2% of the rape cases filed between April 2013 and July 2014 in Delhi were found 'false' i.e. of the 2,753 complaints of rape, only 1,287 cases were found to be true, and the remaining 1,464 cases were found to be false.

:bulletred: the government report says, "In Anti-Dowry bill ... only 25% cases are found to be true", that mean only 1 out of 4 was found convicted
(and there are over a million reports  of Dowry and Domestic Violence filed every Year)

they may be innocent
but oh well ... who cares?

Imagine ... 
you are walking down a busy street... and a random woman is walking beside you ... you are browsing dA on your phone and you have no idea whats happening .... Suddenly the woman shouts, points a finger at you, screams "THIS GUY IS HARASSING ME !!!!!" ....
you look up ... surprised ... shocked ... 
random people runs to you from every direction ... they secure the woman and gets close to you
and now you paid attention to the woman ... and realized who she is .... !!!
but it's too late now ... you've been beaten by the crowd till the police came (and of course ... the police came after an hour or two)
and in the police station ... you are trying hard to convince the officer that you did nothing 
and who was the woman?
the woman was your former classmate .... who came to your house last night and said that she loved you ... you said "But I'm already committed" ... but she didn't listen ... she just want you .. at all cost ... because, according to her, she "get what she wants" .... there was a struggle ... and you pushed her out of your house .... 
she, raged and angry ... said to you "You gonna regret this" ... and walked away

^ this happened in real life (I know both ... the victim and the woman), few years ago
he is still dealing with Police and Court

It hurts .... when I see all the "Women should be equal" signs ... and don't hear a single word about these types of women ... who just want to dominate everyone to fill their personal ego
I know ... there may be only a very few woman like this .... but that is enough to destroy someone's life

I know .... no one wants to think about it
no one wants to argue
because deep down .... no one cares
All the big celebrities ... sports person ... everyone is just talking about the one side (where the men is taking advantage of women... and that has to stop ... I agree)
and no one gives a single duck about the other side (there all the laws are being misused)

it's a cruel world outside, people .... 
stay in your home ... drawing and watching movies
there's nothing out there .... 

am I right ?

UPDATE ... typing the other side
about the rape case I said (that happened and became a major headline)
if you don't know that horrifying incident ... read it here >>…
those animals beat her boyfriend ... raped her ... insert a rusty metal rod in her ... a .... and ... left her to die
and ... I feel angry for the lawyers who are actually defending them ..... "good going humans" /sarcasm end

these types of case are still happening as we speak 

I don't know the reason ... why humans ... who claim to be intelligent and civilized
who ... who have well developed brain to think and solve problems 
they have surrendered to their physical desires

oh well ... I feel ashamed to call myself a human sometimes
(then I see people who actually doing good work for our society and .... well ... I'm still human)

see you next time
Stay Awesome
  • Mood: Bitter
I caught it !!! by AnkitDArt
I caught it !!!
So I caught this guy >>

Reblog this on Tumblr from HERE
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Check out my brother's gallery too !!! -

Stay Awesome !!
Okay, I admit I can't continue this "Daily Drawing challenge" due to my health ... 
Today, I got only 2 hours to eat, sleep and draw (in which I drew btw),
I've completed the sketch for another 3D Drawing and I'll try to complete it ASAP
but I realized that my infection is chewing out most of my time (about 20 Hours per day)
I haven't slept more that 1 hour from a week now ...
so .. I guess it would be good if I stop the daily drawing challenge and focus more on the Quality (not quantity)

on the brighter side,
I'll be drawing more 3D drawings in near future
(Blame my new Pikachu drawing for this decision)

See you next time
Stay Awesome

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